Cadillac Escalade - Performance and Beauty

The Cadillac Escalade has become the most easily recognizable SUV's on the market today. It has become the go to car for the rich and famous and the car that many dream of being able to park in their driveway. Along with all of the notoriety that comes with owning an Escalade, Cadillac has also designed an SUV that reaches many different age groups. But not only does it look nice, it was also designed to perform. Cadillac has equipped the Escalade with a 6.2 liter V8 engine that produces 409bhp.

The latest edition Escalade now offers an extra 200cc of cubic capacity than previous models. There have also been improvements made to the engine; it now features an aluminum block, which is a first for the Escalade. This latest technology allows for the variable valve timing to work along with older technology such as the pushrods. This new innovative design allows for the Escalade to be faster and more efficient than previous models. The newer Escalade averages 19mpg on the highway and 15mpg in the city.

The interior of the Escalade isn't as flashy as many might assume. It features European-style grained patterns on the dashboard. Cadillac uses white and blue electroluminescent dials which help them stand out in the control panel. There is also a Bose 5.1 Surround Sound audio system installed which makes everything you listen to sound that much better. Aside from the standard equipment installed by Cadillac, the Escalade can always be upgraded further with options offered by the dealer.

The engineers at Cadillac have also made some safety improvements in the latest version of the Escalade. The new Escalade is equipped with collapsible brackets that will deform in a more effective way in collisions. Cadillac has also added StabiliTrak stability control and rollover avoidance. There are now three row side curtain airbags and a sensor that can identify rear end impacts and adjusts the seatbelt pretensioners accordingly.

The rear park assist system comes as standard equipment; it uses the navigation system which links to a rear facing camera to assist drivers when they are trying to park this large SUV. Other options are a remote start function that is able to either heat or cool the interior of Escalade to your desired setting making it all the more comfortable in hot or very cold weather.

The Cadillac Escalade has not strayed too far from what has made it popular among its fans. It has stayed true to the design and aesthetics that have made it one of the most popular SUV's available for purchase today. With the improvements made to the engine, it is now more powerful and modern than previous models, but that is the most drastic change to the latest edition of the Escalade. Cadillac has once again produced a vehicle that will incite envy and jealousy in those who are not lucky enough to be able to own one and a sense of pride and excitement in those who do own one.
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Cadillac Escalade - Performance and Beauty
Cadillac Escalade - Performance and Beauty
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